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Dynamic HTML Editor will allow you to create interactive websites using DHTML
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Dynamic HTML Editor will allow you to create interactive websites using DHTML. If you are wondering what DHTML is, it stands for “dynamic hypertext markup language”, a more animated and interactive version of HTML. At first sight, dealing with this language may seem difficult; however, Dynamic HTML Editor is a WYSIWYG editor, which means that you will not have to know the code behind the page. Just place the different elements the way you want them to be on the published page. The use of DHTML will allow you to create webpages looking like real applications, but that will depend on your skills.

Creating a site from scratch may be a little difficult for an inexperienced user because not only you need serious technical skills but also at least some knowledge of graphical design. However, this program will allow you to use its built-in templates or download new ones from the program’s site.

The interface has a clean and professional look with few useless adornments. The central element is the working area, where you will be composing your page. There are also two toolbars, one above the working area and the other on its left side. The first will let you perform general operations, such as selecting objects, saving your project, opening a file, copying, pasting and previewing the page. The lateral bar will include composition objects. In this regard, there you will find an impressive array of elements, like shapes, picture tools, a graphics editor, interactive menu creator, input controls and multimedia objects. By just dragging these objects to the page and configuring their parameters, you will be able to create extraordinary pages. However, there are few options in terms of customizing the interface, like changing the position of the toolbars or changing the size of the toolbar buttons. Besides these tools for page design, you will also find a left panel where you will find the website structure with all its component files. In addition, there will also be the properties of the active element and the list of elements in the project.

While you create your website, you will be given the chance to preview it in any web browser. Once completed, Dynamic HTML Editor will let publish the results to the web. That will include not only the webpages but also any media element in the project.

As a whole, Dynamic HTML Editor is a useful application that may seem a little frightening at first; but it could not be any different because it includes a huge set of options and tools. However, before embarking on using this tool, check if it's really something you need as there are both simpler and more sophisticated applications available.

Pedro Castro
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  • It provides templates
  • It includes lots of options and dynamic objects
  • The interface has a professional look
  • It allows previewing pages
  • It allows publishing the site


  • It is a little difficult to use
  • The interface elements are not customizable
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